Upcoming Prime Timers Events

*February 24th - “Hanging with Bill”

The spouse of every priest plays an important role in the Church, especially as the key support person for the Priest. We have invited Bill McIndoo, our own “First Gentleman”, to join us for box lunches at 11:30.

After feasting, we will put him on the “grill” and find out what it is really like to live with Lisa! You’ll need to sign up by clicking here for your box lunch order by Sunday, February 20th.

*March 17th- “St. Patrick’s Dirty Bingo”

We had such a fun time with Dirty Santa that we are borrowing the concept here!

We’ll meet at 3:00 pm in the PLC and you must wear something visible and green to enter! Bring a wrapped gift that is hilarious, embarrassing, something you want to get rid of, or just purchased because you forgot until you started to the gathering. It makes no difference.

And bring an hors d’ouvre to share. Gifts will be awarded to game winners as long as they last, opened publicly, and then can be “stolen” up to three times. Wine, tea, coffee and water will be served.

*April 20th- “Guess Who Dunnit?”

We’ll meet at the PLC. Pending Covid status at the time, we will send details about time and food later. Watch for it!

You’ll also need to put your thinking cap on to come up with one event from your life that no one knows about. Write it on a slip of paper and the emcee will read them one-by-one as the group tries to decide who the mystery person is.

It will be fun to learn something new about someone you never suspected would do something like that! Come be with us for some unusual entertainment.


Ideas and suggestions for events and activities are always appreciated. Speak to any of the following: Carole Capra, Mary Lou Brown, Jeanette Maddox, Rod Fauser, Jan Ewing, or Frank Potter.

The PrimeTimers seek to provide fellowship, fun, education, good times, and anything else we can imagine which will gather folks primarily age 50 and older together in community. We plan trips (e.g. Sewanee Christmas Chorale, Wilson, AR Tudor Community, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Holly Springs Hummingbird Festival, etc.), meals (e.g. Harvest Dinner, Pot Luck dinners, etc.), special events (e.g. live theatre, movies, Redbirds and Grizzlies games, Stax Museum, etc.), and presentations by prominent photographers, politicians, and historians. And of course, parties, such as the Annual Christmas Wine and Hors d’ouvres get-together.  

Anyone is welcome to join us for any of our events. Some are particularly for families and grandchildren, such as the professional ball games. Others focus on issues of use or interest to older persons. In all our events, we seek to enjoy one another, to grow fellowship, and to build a supportive and caring network for one another and others. We welcome your questions and participation. 

Contact Information

For more information on the Prime Timers, please contact the Parish Office or

Frank Potter (901-230-1818, oldhunkobones@gmail.com).