Praying Hands

What we do:

At Holy Apostles, the Pastoral Care Committee is a team ministry including clergy and parishioners working together.  This committee is all about supporting one another during life transitions:  births, deaths, major surgery or illness.  Support includes:

  • prayer,
  • preparing and/or delivering food or flowers,
  • sending cards or notes,
  • phone calls and visits,
  • providing transportation to church services or doctor appointments, and
  • supporting the Eucharistic visitors (contact Susan Kenny).

Our Pastoral Care Committee is comprised of over 35 parishioners who are available to meet pastoral care needs of the parish.  Fr. John provides the committee input on who may need assistance.  Additional input on needs within the parish can come directly from fellow parishioners.  Once we are aware of a pastoral care need, a committee member reaches out to the parishioner to let them know we are praying for them, and asking what specific support we can provide.

In need of a visit or prayers?

If you have a loved one in need of a hospital visit or a Eucharistic visitor, please feel free to contact the front office at or 901-937-3830 so that the Rector and Associate Rector may learn the information as quickly as possible.

Regardless, we always welcome prayer intentions. As christians in a faith community, we invite you to share the names of those who are in need of prayer. We offer these concerns weekly in worship and in individual times of prayer. We typically keep someone on this prayerlist for one month unless otherwise requested. Contact the front office with intentions.

We can help:

We recognize that during difficult times, it is hard to know what others can do, but we want folks to know that we are ready to help. It is only natural for us to be most comfortable asking for help from someone we know.  Therefore, the pastoral care committee engages other committees and groups across the church (dinner groups, choir, outreach committee, the sewing group, etc.) to help us understand an individual’s need for assistance.  If someone is in need and is already participating with a group from Holy Apostles in another ministry, we draw upon the connection to most effectively provide support.

 If nothing else, ask yourself these questions: Do you know someone who could use a helping hand? Is there someone, who due to illness of mind or body or spirit, needs a call or a card or a meal or a visit? Are they in the hospital or just out? Do you know someone struggling to take care of an aging parent or other family member? Do you know someone that needs a ride to church or other Holy Apostles event? Let the Pastoral Care Committee know – we are ready to help!

Please contact our Pastoral Care Ministry leader, Margie Hornor, for any requests or additional information.

Casserole Making

At least once a year the Pastoral Care committee comes together in fellowship to prepare casseroles to keep “on hand” in support of this ministry.

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