The Youth participate in service-centered trips in our community as well as in other communities in need. 

Youth Mission Trip 2020

We are so excited to return once again to Mountain T.O.P.!

When:  Sunday, July 19th - Saturday, July 25th

Where:  We will stay at one of two Mountain T.O.P. camps and our projects will be in and around the Cumberland Mountains.

Who:  Anyone entering grades 8th - 12th (if your 7th grader is interested, talk to Cynthia McCarty to discuss the trip) and any adult who is interested in being a chaperone.

What:  Mountain T.O.P. is an interdenominational, non-profit Christian Mission dedicated to rural life ministry in the Cumberland Mountains of Tennessee.

How:  Mountain T.O.P. seeks to meet the physical, emotional, spiritual, & social needs of people through the love of Christ.  During our week we will participate in projects to help build and maintain homes in the community and will help lead programs for the children of the Community

Cost:  Mountain T.O.P.’s charge per camper is $405.  Financial assistance is available and fundraising opportunities are possible for transportation cost and supply costs.  Please contact Cynthia ( for any questions regarding cost and/or scholarship opportunities.

More information on our past mission trips can be found below.

Mountain TOP 2018 by Cynthia McCarty

This summer I was fortunate enough to be part of a group that attended Mountain T.O.P. (Tennessee Outreach Program).  Because of the support and prayers Holy Apostles gave to us, the week was a total success.  Fr. Clay, Johnny Eric Johnson, Isaac Keszler, Esme Keszler, Katie McDaniel, Annabel Hines, and myself spent a week in the Cumberland Mountains of East Tennessee serving the people of that community.  The mission of Mountain T.O.P. is to seek to meet the physical, spiritual, social, and emotional needs of the people of the Cumberland Mountain region through home repairs and day camps.  With the exception of Katie, who worked with the day camp, we all were put into groups with other people from around the country and sent to homes of those in the area.  My group had three different projects we worked on during the week, including building a roof over a porch, painting a basement floor and patio, and doing yardwork.  All the people we worked with were kind and thankful for the help we provided.  Katie had a wonderful time helping with the day camp Mountain T.O.P. provided for the children of Grundy County.  This service gets the kids out of the house and into a community setting where they play games and are exposed to many other activities in their community.  One day the kids even went to the University of the South in Sewanee and participated in a music festival that was being held on campus.

Not only does Mountain T.O.P. strive to help the people of that community, but it also is intentional in its efforts to fill us up spiritually.  Starting after breakfast with “Day Break” the Mountain T.O.P. volunteers were invited to reflection and prayer about their experiences and their own lives.  During lunch, we were encouraged to eat with our families and all paused to reflect on the day.  And every night, before fellowship, we worshipped together in a variety of prayer services. 

I think everyone enjoyed the week despite the heat, the ticks, and the poison ivy.  Hopefully next year we will have a bigger group and continue our tradition of serving the people of the Cumberland Mountains.


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Reflection on Social Justice Experience & Mission Trip 2016 by Annabel Hines

The beginning of the Social Justice Mission Trip included my brother, Andy, and I visiting the Emmanuel Center and the National Civil Rights Museum downtown. Though I live in Memphis, I had never visited these beautiful places. The Emmanuel Center gave off a hopeful aura, which is one small but significant way they help their youth; to lead them on the right educational life path. The National Civil Rights museum had so much “in your face” information about our past, that the fact that social injustice had and still does occur couldn't be ignored. However, because I experience more racism in everyday life living in Memphis, the museum did not have nearly the same affect it had on the group of youth with us, who were visiting from the Seattle area.

The first day in Arkansas was filled with people to see and museums to visit, including a quick visit to Lucie's Place, where homeless LGBT in the community were allowed to go as a safe haven. The organization's founder, Penelope had a lot of inspiring plans for the future. Later in the week we went to Heifer International, another great organization dedicated to helping those with less by giving animals instead of just money or food. Then the Clinton Presidential Library gave us a look at what it's like to be the president and about what Clinton has done in his life, especially in Arkansas.

Though all the buildings and museums I visited were very interesting, nothing was as impactful as the people I met on this trip, from the Seattle youth and adults to the other adults from Arkansas. The whole group felt very welcoming to our small Memphis group. I hope I see them all again because I had at least one different and meaningful conversation with each one of them.

Past Mission Trips

An important part of youth formation is serving others both nearby and far away. The youth participate in many local service projects throughout the year.  In addition, we have taken summer mission trips across the country.  

In the summer of 2007 we spent a week in Reynosa, Mexico working at a home for abused girls.  In the summer of 2008 we spent five days in Perryville, Arkansas at the Heifer Ranch.  Along with this trip we also raised $5,000.00 for an ark full of animals for Heifer International.  In summers 2009 and 2010 we went to Bay St. Louis, Mississippi to Mission On The Bay, where we helped rebuild areas damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

In the summer of 2012 we stayed in Memphis, residing at St. Columba Episcopal Conference Center, and completed project around the city to better our greater community.

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