Invite and WelcomeIn August of last year, Mary Parmer visited Holy Apostles and taught us the importance of Invite Welcome Connect.  Since then, committees focused on each of these three areas have met to review the thoughts and ideas generated by her presentation and are in the process of developing a concrete plan for implementation in our parish. 

Our goal is to claim this important initiative and intentionally grow our membership and ministry.  While we are already known as a warm, welcoming place to worship, taking this next step will allow us to share more of what we have to offer with others in our community and beyond.

Invite - Evangelism

Invitation is not only about inviting people into a relationship with you and others in your congregation, but rather it is about inviting them into a relationship with God through Jesus.

Welcome - Ministry of Hospitality

Welcoming the stranger is welcoming Jesus. Jesus paid attention to what was going on around him and especially to those people he encountered on a daily basis. He modeled for us a new way of seeing the other - the way of love, compassion, and forgiveness.

Connect - Assimilation

Connection is giving meaning to membership and discovering the gifts of the people. Connection helps the newcomer answer these questions: Where do I fit in? Can I make friends in this church? Is there room for me relationally? Does this church need me? Can I find a place to belong and serve? Am I safe here?

Invite, Welcome, Connect Resources

The link below will take you to the website with Mary Parmer's materials.