During 2014, the vision for hospitality on Sunday mornings was broadened in order to include more participation. With the addition of Flora Sims to the staff, set-up and clean-up responsibilities were removed from the responsibility of volunteers, thus allowing greater participation in those bringing food items.

Everyone can participate in supporting Sunday hospitality as everyone enjoys that experience. You may volunteer to bring a plate or two of cookies, treats, donuts, pretzels, chips, cheese or fruit for our hospitality hour.  Sign up for a particular day as often as works for you.  Just a tray or two is perfect. Also, pick up an extra bag of cookies the next time you are at the store and drop them at the church kitchen to stock the cupboard for Sundays!

For any comments, questions or concerns, please contact the Hospitality Ministry leader, Elaine Sanders at elaineksanders@comcast.net.