AcolytesServing as assistants at the altar, acolytes play a significant and visible role during our Sunday worship, and at all of our principal Feasts throughout the year. 

The Acolyte team consists of a Crucifer (9th-12th grade) who carries the Cross, leads the Procession and assists the Rector during the Eucharist, two Torchbearers (3rd-8th grade) who carries the torches, lights and extinguishes the altar candles, and, lastly, the Gospel Book carrier (1st-4th grade) who carries the Gospel Book during the Procession and holds it for the Gospel reading. An additional Acolyte may be used to carry the Church Banner on special occasions.

This ministry is a vital service to the church. It not only gives our youth an opportunity to be an integral part of liturgical services, but also provides a foundation of experience, knowledge and fun.

Training is provided on a group basis several times per year and on an individual basis as needed and as schedules permit. 

Acolyte Customary

For more information on how to volunteer as an Acolyte, call the church office at (901) 937-3830, or contact Father Clay.  

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