Our Transition

August 3, 2021

Search Committee Update

Over the past two months, the Rector Search Committee has been actively receiving and reviewing candidate referrals and applications.  We are prayerfully considering each candidate, reviewing submitted application materials and viewing videos of their services and sermons.  Our process is guided by the results of the Parish Survey conducted in December, which helped us prioritize the attributes and characteristics most desired in our next Rector.

We are grateful to our fellow parishioners who have offered suggestions or recommendations for potential candidates for consideration, and we encourage all members of Holy Apostles to continue to share names of individuals that you believe would be well-suited to serve as our next Rector.  You can submit names to any member of the Search Committee.  If the candidate has not applied formally, that’s OK – we will still conduct an evaluation and, if appropriate, we will reach out to the individual to assess his/her interest. Please understand that, due to the confidentiality of the process, we will not be able to share any updates about the referred candidate, nor the number or status of any candidates in the process.

We are grateful for the prayers and messages of support for the work of this Committee, and for the candidates who may be called to this opportunity.  We know you’re wondering, “How long will this take?”  Unfortunately, we don’t know the answer.  We must trust in the power of the Holy Spirit to guide us and the candidates in the mutual discernment process.  As one of our committee members stated, “We’ll be done when God tells us we’re done.”  Amen.

Information for the Parish Community Abour Our Rector Search

The Rector Search Committee is pleased to announce that our search is now open to candidates.  We will be receiving applications through July 30th.  A new section has been added to our website (“Rector Search”) to provide copies the Parish Profile and Office for Transition Ministry Portfolio (a document used consistently for all transitions), which are also shown below.  The Committee extends special thanks to Lorena Sappington, who designed our beautiful profile.

Click here to view our OTM Ministry Portfolio.

Click here to view our Parish Profile.

October 30, 2020

Search Committee Update

Greetings to the Holy Apostles Community from the recently commissioned Rector Search Committee! Periodically over the coming weeks and months, we will endeavor to keep you informed of our work on your behalf to find our next Rector.  

The committee members were gathered by the Vestry from a wide cross-section of our parish who we hope reflect well our community as a whole. We are honored to be part of this important mission and promise to strive to represent the entire beloved congregation of Holy Apostles as we seek the best preacher, teacher, counselor and friend to be our next Rector.

We have met by Zoom several times and are already working hard on our first task which is to compose a Parish Survey to ascertain what qualities, characteristics, strengths and experience that our community believes are most important and desirable in our new rector.  When this survey is launched in the coming weeks, we hope that every member of Holy Apostles will take the time to respond thoughtfully to the questions to ensure that the information gathered represents the full spectrum of our needs and interests.

Based on the results and insights from this survey, we will create a Ministry Profile that presents detailed information about the parish, from a demographic, financial, liturgical and ministerial perspective, which will help inform rector candidates about who we are, what we believe, how we worship and the health and vitality of our parish.

We hope you understand that most of the work must be kept confidential, but both this committee and the Vestry will keep you informed on where we are in the process. Thank you for entrusting us with this sacred mission and we ardently hope you will keep us continually in your prayers throughout process.

October 25, 2020

Canon Sharon Alexander provides information about our search for a new Rector.

September 25, 2020

On behalf of the Vestry, I am happy to announce that we have a Rector Search Committee in place.

The committee members are as follows:  Wilson Barton, Leslie Cullen, William Gates, John Paul Kavin, Judy Potter, Lorena Sappington, Christina See, Mike Siegel, Andrea Smith, Trish Spore and Zachary Tatum. The Chair for the group is Mike Siegel and the Co-Chair is Judy Potter. I know this dynamic group will work together to put forth a candidate for Rector that is a perfect fit for Holy Apostles.

Please keep the committee members in your thoughts and prayers in the coming months as they begin the Rector search. Their first task is to put together a parish survey which will then be used to develop a church profile to identify those qualities in a Rector that are important to the Holy Apostles family. We will keep you informed as the process unfolds.

Thanks to Father Clay and the Holy Apostles staff for working so diligently to ensure that all of the pastoral needs of Holy Apostles are being met.

Diana Kelly

Senior Warden

August 25, 2020

Dear Holy Apostles Family,

We suspect, like us, you have mixed feelings about Father John’s recent announcement of his calling to St. John’s Church in Montgomery.  While we are saddened by the loss of our spiritual leader for the past 12 years, we are very happy for him, Sarah and the girls as they embark on their new adventure.  John has left an indelible mark on Holy Apostles for which we are all grateful.  Nonetheless, goodbyes are always difficult.  You should have already received a note outlining the ways we will say goodbye and how you can participate.
As your elected Vestry, we stand ready, and even a little excited perhaps, to lead the congregation on its search for a new Rector.  We will seek someone who recognizes the many attributes that make Holy Apostles special…not the least being all of you and the energy, talent, commitment and faith that we all share in service to our Lord.
An initial Zoom meeting has been held with Reverend Sharon Alexander, the Canon to the Ordinary, and our diocesan guide through the search process.  Several conversations will no doubt take place in the coming weeks and months.
Canon Alexander described to us the search process and the options we will have as we begin.  First and foremost, a Search Committee will be formed.  Initial assignments will include conducting a Parish Survey to make sure we collectively craft a description of the ideal characteristics of our next Rector.  Simultaneously, a Parish Profile will be developed to tell candidates about Holy Apostles, our ministries, outreach and the congregation. 
Canon Alexander described the recruitment alternatives of either an approximate 18-month national search or a somewhat modified search (guided by her and Bishop Phoebe), which might last 6-8 months.  The Vestry will explore both options with the Search Committee and report back to you.
Meanwhile, an Interim Priest will be appointed by the diocese to assist in daily activities and support Father Clay and the church staff.  This would not be a time of significant change, but an opportunity to insure that all our ministries remain active, engaged and supported.  Per the diocese, Father Clay would not be eligible to serve as the Interim.
What is important at this early point is to meaningfully express our thanks to John, individually and collectively, for his service to Holy Apostles.  We also want to take this time to express our support to Clay and the church staff as well as each other.
If you have a desire to play a role in the search process, please let me or the church staff know.  If you can think of ways that we may more strongly work together to worship and connect during this interim time, please do the same.
While our future leader may be temporarily unknown, we are confident that the longstanding love and connection we have as a faith community will endure and even grow stronger through this process.
Be safe and know that we are here with you and for you.
Respectfully and on behalf of the Vestry,
Diana Kelly 
Senior Warden