The Rev. Gerri Endicott, Deacon

The Rev. Gerri Endicott, Deacon

Gerri is a native Memphian, and lifelong Episcopalian.   She was ordained a Vocational Deacon in June of 2018 by Bishop Don Johnson, at St. Mary’s Cathedral, following completion of the ACTS (Alternate Clergy Training in Sewanee) program at The School of Theology at The University of The South. 

Until arriving at Holy Apostles in December 2020, Gerri served St. Thomas Church in Somerville, one of the missions in the Diocese.  As the ministry of a Deacon involves the world outside the walls of the Church, and is a ministry of service, Gerri earns her living as a mortgage underwriter.  She and her husband, Alan, live in Oakland.  They have two adult daughters, Tina and Jessica, a son-in-law, Wesley, and a grandson, Linus.

The ministry of a vocational deacon is not clear to many Episcopalians, particularly as most faith communities here in The Episcopal Diocese of West Tennessee do not have deacons on staff.  Gerri uses the following quotes to explain and guide her ministry:

“As symbols, deacons embody two ancient concepts, angels and waiters.  They are messengers and heralds of the word.  They proclaim the good news of God in Christ and interpret the world to the community of faith.  They oversee the sacrificial meal, wait on table, prepare, serve, and clean up.  They enable the hungry to eat and the thirsty to drink, as they serve in the sacramental liturgies of the church and among God’s poor in the world.  Both angel and waiter appear in every deacon in every diaconal role and function in every liturgy.” 

Ormonde Plater, Deacons in the Liturgy

“The vocation of a deacon is to dance on the edge:
To bear light in the midst of darkness;
To proclaim truth in the midst of dishonesty and indifference;
To blur the boundaries between sacred and profane”   

Susanne Watson Epting, Unexpected Consequences, The Diaconate Renewed