Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a welcoming community in which all can, with open hearts and open minds, receive God's Grace through worship, fellowship, learning, and outreach to others.

Who We Are

Holy Apostles is a fast growing, dynamic community of people committed to worship and service as followers of Jesus.  Some parishioners have been faithfully attending and serving since the church was founded in 1965.  Numerous others have recently joined the flock and we’re growing every month.

We are seniors and infants; newly employed, business men and women, students, and retired; cradle Episcopalians and former Baptists, Catholics, and Presbyterians.  Individually we like to knit, work in our garden, collect stamps, research genealogy, read and discuss good books, solve crossword puzzles, attend school, use Twitter, and talk on our cell phones. Basically, we’re pretty regular folks who strive to provide a welcoming community.