The Vestry is the lay governing body of the parish consisting of twelve persons elected by the congregation at the Annual Parish Meeting. Officers are Senior and Junior Wardens, Clerk and Treasurer (ex-officio).  Vestry members, who normally serve a three-year term, are responsible for the financial and administrative business of the parish.  The Vestry convenes at regulary scheduled monthy meetings.  Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are open to members of the congregation.

Vestry Members for 2018 are:

Jason LaCroix, Senior Warden

Lesley Cullen, Junior Warden

Sally Barron, Clerk

Margaret Yancey, Assistant Treasurer

Kathy Krieger

Barbara Olive

Lorena Sappington

Bill Scofield

Marvin Townsend

Guy See

Michael Shelton

Bob Bennett

Cary Barnes, Parish Treasurer, ex-officio

Mike Marshall, Parish Chancellor, ex-officio

Emily Siegel, Youth Representative, ex-officio